Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mike Wahle

Formerly associated with the Green Bay Packers, Mike Wahle recently was inducted into the family of Panthers. This offensive lineman was not always at this position. Actually, early on in his career he wasn’t just playing football. Wahle started as a pitcher and quarterback. He played these positions until he shot his arm and focused strictly on football. Wahle focused on playing left guard for the Packers and is glad he will stay at that position with the Panthers.

"It's difficult to come from another team and have to learn the new terminology and plays. To be able to stay at left guard, at least initially, will make the learning process for me that much quicker. There's nothing technique-wise that I'm going to have to work on. It's all about learning the terminology and jelling with these guys. Later on, if I do have to make a switch, it's something I'll be able to do, but initially I'm glad I can stay at the same spot from a learning standpoint."
- Mike Wahle

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

TopCats Selected

- from the official site of the Carolina Panthers

On the same day that the Carolina Panthers started getting ready for the 2005 season with the beginning of their offseason strength and conditioning program, other preparations for the new year also took place with the selection of the 2005 TopCats. The squad features 35 members who range in age from 18-36 and whose careers are in a variety of professions, including banking, engineering and teaching.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Smith Centered

It has become Steve Smith’s time to shine without asking for it. Smith has become the primary receiver for Carolina after an unexpected turn of events. Muhsin Muhammad, who was the current primary receiver for Carolina, has moved over to the Chicago Bears.

"Moose has passed the torch. With him passing it to me, I'm going to accept it. That's part of the business. You have to step up, and I'm willing to and I'm going to. There isn't any added pressure. I'm just going to play. That's what I like doing anyway."
- Steve Smith

On top of all this pressure that Smith believes to be non-existent, he has the reality of whether he is completely healed or not. Smith has received a ‘thumbs up’ from the doctors after healing a broken leg. This is still different than facing the line on the field.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Steve Smith

-from the official site of the Carolina Panthers

With a successful rehabilitation behind him, Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith is facing another big task. Former teammate Muhsin Muhammad signed with Chicago two weeks ago, making Smith the primary receiver in Carolina. That reality was a little shocking to Smith at first, but now that he has had time to digest it, he says he is ready to tackle it head on.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Karl Hankton Resigned

Wide Receiver Karl Hankton has been resigned to the Carolina Panthers after unrestricted free agency status. He has been the special teams captain from 2002-2004.

Hankton joined the Panthers during 2000 as a free agent, after having his start with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1998. He officially began his football career at Trinity College. After six years in the NFL, Hankton is stacking up very nice stats with the Panthers.

Various Stats:

  • 66 special teams tackles
  • 73 games with one start
  • 17 catches for 236 yards

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Draft Buzz

- from FOXSports.com

The team has needs at RT, RG, RB, WR, FS and DT, but it will use the early part of free agency to address some of those spots. Whatever needs aren't filled will become the focus of the draft. But it's a safe bet the team will draft at least one offensive lineman to groom for the future, and there's a good chance a running back will be selected. Tackles Alex Barron (Florida State) and Oklahoma's Jamall Brown would be good fits on the right side if they last until the 14th pick. The team has concerns about DeShaun Foster's durability and Stephen Davis' ability to make a full recovery from microfracture surgery. The team isn't likely to spend big money on a running back in free agency, but it could address the position in the second or third rounds of the draft.