Monday, November 01, 2004

Seattle 23; Carolina 17

Well it is November now and Halloween is over. With the masks off and our tummies aching after too many trips to the Lombardi candy bowl we have to face some of these Cardiac Facts:

1) We do not have an offensive staff or philosophy that is going carry this team forward. (To spell it out, Dan Henning must go)

2) Our Defense is not as good as we all think

3) We have lost our ability to be special on special teams

4) We have only had a 'dominating' running game 1 out of 10 seasons. We are better known for injured runners.

5) Steve Smith is sorely missed

The Cardiac Cats of last season were indeed a fraud in more than just stealing a name. We had some good breaks and the players believed enough to play to the bitter end and we made the Superbowl because of it. Yet here we are back to being the Patsy Panthers, and what is worse is that this team is playing at a level inferior to the 2001 1-15 team. Our offensive schemes are too dependant on certain players and injuries have just made us an easy win for any team we face. While losing Jenkins is critical to the front four, the loss of belief in the system by the players is why nobody on the field can tackle a room full of mannequins.

At 1-6 the playoff hope is now just an outside mathematical probability. The Panthers should still play to win every week for we need to find out who needs to stay and who needs to waived. But what I am going to expect this off-season is some changes to the staff. I still am fully behind John Fox and Marty Hurney. But I am going to expect them to face the facts this off-season and make the changes needed to build consistency into this program, pride in building on a legacy each season by the players and finally a team that will one day truly deserves it's own nickname....